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Rota Fortunae

Jane Almirall grew up in a very small town in Southern Missouri and spent a good deal of her childhood outdoors in the country. This rural upbringing fostered an interest in natural science which has been a thematic thread in her art for two decades. Jane is a magpie - collecting natural ephemera and attracted to decorative textiles, Victorian mourning jewelry, botanical illustration and beautiful adornment. Her drawings are a visual exploration of the structure of all these seemingly unrelated influences, a search for the connective tissue between flora and fauna, life and death.

Jane Almirall received her MFA in painting at Arizona State University in 2003 and was in the 2003 Birds in Art exhibition at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Museum where she has work in the permanent drawing collection. She was an artist-in residence at the Anderson Ranch Arts Center in 2004 and since then has shown her work in solo and group exhibitions. On occasion she has been persuasive enough to get her work in private collections.

In 2013, after holding a myriad of odd jobs and various types of employment, Jane co-founded a natural science and curiosity shop in the Kansas City Crossroads called, Oracle. After four years, Jane sold her partnership into the capable hands of her former business partner and current art collaborator and has been happy to focus on her illustration, drawing and Tarot-related projects. You can follow her on her instagram for updates.